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Mystery Baking’s Canna Butter infuses the finest indica trim with creamy sticks of rich butter to create 4 ounces of the most potent butter ideal for cooking, baking, or spreading over toast.


BUY CANNA BUTTER UK . Mystery Baking’s Canna Butter infuses the finest indica trim with creamy sticks of rich butter. This is to create 4 ounces of the most potent butter. However, this ideal butter is for cooking, baking, or spreading over toast.

Cannabis butter, or cannabutter, is the essential ingredient to cannabis-infused edibles. Most weed edibles, including the infamous brownies, use cannabutter to produce a high, and it’s one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis if you don’t want to smoke it.

Modern edibles don’t stop at baked goods. With cannabutter, the possibilities for cooking infused cuisine are endless — anywhere you use butter or fat in a recipe, you can sub in some cannabutter.

Humans have been eating cannabis since the 10th century BC with the invention of bhang — a milk, spice, and ghee mixture that incorporates cannabis. Though the preparation process has changed over the centuries, the end goal is the same — to infuse the medicinal properties of cannabis into food.

Cannabis aficionados have been whipping up their own cannabutter at home for decades, and it’s easy enough to do with a little patience. While full-fat butter is the typical main ingredient, the process can also be replicated using other types of fat — coconut oil, ghee, olive oil, and more.

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