Kiva Cannabis Infused Munchies


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Are you looking to Buy Kiva Cannabis-infused fruit Munchies? Please place your order On our website & get a massive discount on our running offers with discreet shipping.


Kiva Cannabisinfused fruit Munchies. 100MG per piece
100MG $50 |

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Milk Chocolate, Blackberry, Dark Chocolate

1 review for Kiva Cannabis Infused Munchies

  1. Jamesbricks700

    I tried the live sugar version. Doesn’t taste like brownies. Maybe if you do a high temp dab and burn it it will, I’ve only vaped it in my Crafty+. First time vaping a concentrate in their that tasted horrible. I tried it alone and mixed with some flower in a sand which. Horrible. Tastes like melting silicon with purple urkle. Was so excited. Too bad. I don’t think I’ll be purchasing Rythym again. I don’t know if it’s their byproduct or materials used for other products besides dabs but their vape pens often have similar problems with the taste.

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