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Find the long-lasting relief you need with precisely dosed gel capsules from Care By Design. Formulated with an 4:1 ratio of CBD to THC these soft gels are ideal for those with some tolerance to THC. This formulation has been reported to assist in relieving aches and pains and support immune system wellness among other positive effects. High-quality organic coconut oil (MCT) is also added to aid in the absorption of the cannabis oil in the body. Instructions: Take 1 capsule with water. Allow 1 to 2 hours to take effect. Ingredients: Cannabis Oil, Coconut Oil, Gelatin. 10mg CBD/2.5mg THC per capsule. 10 Capsules per container. Net Weight: 0.72 oz.

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  1. Agueromack

    I have used marijuana for 7 years since being diagnosed with HIV and having begun treatment. I had my gallbladder removed as a teen and have suffered with Irritated Bowel Syndrome for decades. These issues made taking the HIV meds a big deal as they wreak havoc even on a healthy digestive system. I tried using pharmaceuticals to stop the nausea and vomiting but if you can’t keep the pills down they can’t work. Marijuana works so much faster – instant relief, as well as having been inhaled instead of ingested, there wasn’t the concern you get with deciding whether it’s safe to take another pill after vomiting. As well the marijuana helps to keep my appetite reasonable. This is also an issue with HIV meds. It’s hard to stay healthy if you don’t eat properly on top of worries that you won’t keep down what you do eat. There are three different types of marijuana, the main two being Sativa and Indica. Indicas are the strain you want for nausea control and appetite. I personally don’t get much relief from the sativa strain and the third, ruderalis is uncommon. As well, out of the few people that find they get anxiety or paranoia, it is more often than not brought on by a sativa. That brings me to the method of acquiring. Medical marijuana clinics are your best bet. I find they may charge more for the higher quality strains as well as the organics and imports, but you are able to chose from a wider selection. Besides strain names and types, often average levels of THC and cannabinoids for each strain are given. This really helps you get the relief you need and not something for treating pain when nausea control is needed or vise versa. Another great bonus to medical marijuana clinics are their variety of edibles, tinctures, sprays and drinks now available. You don’t HAVE to smoke marijuana to get relief. Ingesting works as good and even better for some patients. Some clinics are also said to be looking to stock suppositories as they would be even more effective.

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