25mg THC Soft Gels (ABX)


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This product is high-potency and recommended for experienced consumers. Absolute Xtracts presents their easy-to-consume 25mg THC Soft Gels. By utilizing high quality cannabis distillate and precision dosing, Absolute Xtracts has created a cannabis soft gel that is ideal for users looking to find long-lasting relief. High-quality organic coconut oil (MCT) is also added to aid in the absorption of the cannabis oil in the body. Instructions: Take 1 capsule with water. Allow 1 to 2 hours to take effect. Ingredients: Cannabis Oil, Coconut Oil, Gelatin. Each capsule contains 25mg THC. Each bottle contains 10 capsules. Net Wt. .48oz.

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  1. Hannahkome

    After having shoulder surgery, opiate pain killers that were prescribed did nothing to even dull my pain, I could barely move and couldn’t sleep at all, I was in agony. Plus I don’t like the idea of taking highly addictive opiates. I have a family history of being resistant to pain killers, so I finally I decided to try smoking a little marijuana. Almost immediately the pain decreased to a very manageable level and I was able to get decent sleep.

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